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Preston’s Beauty Academy in Marietta Ohio welcomes you to an extraordinary beauty facility. At Preston’s Beauty Academy, you will enjoy not only the beauty of the academy but our hospitality and acceptance. We promise to define the importance of a distinctive education. We believe in doing all things excellently, and a well-balanced education is our first order.

We provide the best staff in order to prepare each student for their newly founded career in beauty. Daily, we strive to provide superior surroundings for our students and staff. You are guaranteed a clean and safe environment, as our staff works diligently to create an enjoyable atmosphere for you to become well-educated in tips and techniques in the beauty industry. Our goal is to prepare you for a great future in the world of beauty.

Preston’s Beauty Academy will instruct you on the precise and accurate ways of owning and maintaining a business. Our instructors not only educate our students on how to deal with clients but people in general while always maintaining a professional attitude. Students will be exposed to many types of seminars that will give them the opportunity to discover what is available in the beauty industry. Our motto is “Treat people how you would like others to treat you.”

Preston’s Privilege

It is the privilege of Preston’s Beauty Academy to refine the importance of a distinctive education. Our academy offers a well-balanced education that constantly explores the field of cosmetology to give you the best education possible. We promise to provide the best staff we can to prepare each student for his or her new career in beauty. We strive each day to provide you with surroundings that are clean and safe and to create an atmosphere of learning, fun, enjoyment, and fulfillment as you prepare for a future in the world of beauty.


16+ years in business


750+ overall students


99 percent graduation rate

6 Reasons to Attend Preston’s Beauty Academy

If you’re considering coming to Preston’s Beauty Academy but aren’t completely sure it’s the right move for you, consider these top reasons for attending.


Maybe you’ve recently realized that you don’t like your job and need a change. Or perhaps you’ve recognized that you’re in a no-win situation surrounded by bosses and coworkers who also dislike what they do. If that’s you, then a career in beauty could be the answer.

Better yet, we give you the perfect jumpstart for a career in beauty services, whether you want to focus on hair, nails, or make-up. Not only do we give you the education and tools needed to get started, but we also give you real-world experience and the certification you need to begin practicing legally.


One of the reasons you might be looking to move on from your existing career is that you feel like a basic cog in a big machine. You’re treated like a number instead of a name, regularly forced to hit certain benchmarks at the risk of losing your income. Maybe your boss mistreats you, and you have little ability to have a life outside of work.

A career in beauty opens up doors to opportunity and growth! Whether you decide to go into business for yourself or work for an existing salon, you will have more flexibility to enjoy your life outside of work and more power over how you work and when.


If you love beauty work, there’s a good chance a career in this space will be ideal for you. Why? Because it doesn’t feel like work! When you get paid for something you love doing, it’s like a whole new world opens up, and going to work doesn’t feel like going to work. You get to go to work doing what you love, and you get to share your gift with others for a good income. That’s a win-win!


It’s no secret that many jobs are disappearing, and it seems pretty clear that that will only get worse. The good news? There’s no high chance that robots and algorithms will cut anyone’s hair or perform manicures anytime soon!

This is great news for those in the beauty space because it means their jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the beauty industry isn’t only safe – it’s growing!


While higher education is a wonderful aspiration, it’s not for everyone. Many young people decide to go to college because it’s what they think they should do. They pick a major (eventually) that interests them, rack off tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and then graduate without knowing how to get a job in their field of study. If you’re in this position of uncertainty and think you might enjoy a career in beauty, it’s a rational first step to get some real-world experience in this area before diving into an academic pursuit.

Even if you do decide to go to college at some point, having the experience of pursuing a career and working in a business will help you so much throughout the rest of your life.


There are plenty of beauty academies out there that will teach you the technical side of the beauty world. They’ll show you the right techniques for cutting hair, doing pedicures and manicures, applying fake eyelashes, and all of that good stuff.

Of course, we do that too, but we go a step further – we teach you how to manage your career. This includes understanding the financial side of things, how to handle clients, and how to establish and pursue your goals. We never want to simply teach students how to do the work and then leave them to flounder when trying to figure out how to apply those skills to the real world. In other words, when you graduate from Preston’s Beauty Academy, you’re career-ready!

Preston’s Teaching Method

Our instructors at Preston’s Beauty Academy have years of experience to offer you the best training possible. We work with high-quality products and modern techniques to allow our students to be successful. Here’s our teaching method:

  • Introduce work in theory and skills that cover: Basic training in styling, haircutting and permanents, chemical applications, and a basic background in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, sterilization, and more.
  • Our students then begin to work on live models in the clinic area under the supervision of our instructors. Time is also set aside for specialized activities. Clinical work under instructor supervision includes advanced work in hair shaping, salon management, and related materials.
  • We are here not only to teach a profession but also to teach the experience of life in the working world. We believe that treating people how we would like to be treated is one of life’s greatest tools for success. We teach self-esteem, confidence, and integrity; upon graduation, our students can be confident that their dreams can be made real.

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Unlike other beauty academies, we believe in taking the high road. Our students learn how to work with others, provide service and care to their customers, and go the extra mile. We enjoy making a difference in the lives of our students. Contact us today if you have questions or want a free tour of our facilities. We are licensed as a professional beauty academy in both Ohio and West Virginia.