Expert Tips for Perfect Skin in the Winter

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Winter’s temperatures and dry air might be great for getting you into the holiday spirit, but it wreaks havoc on your skin.

Keeping your skin healthy and happy in a winter environment takes a stable regimen – and that regimen is nothing like spring or summer. Instead, you need an efficient system that hydrates, smooths, and maintains moisture throughout the day.

Professional Tips for Happy Skin All Winter Long

Do not rely solely on moisturizer. Moisturizer is essential, but most are a blend of emollients and water. That means they prevent the moisture in your skin from escaping – they do not replace what is lost. Still, use them to keep in the hydration, but use other methods to put it back in.

Take cooler showers. When it is cold outside, you want a hot, steamy shower to warm you up, but your skin will not appreciate it as you think. When you cleanse your skin in hot water, it washes away the oils – and squeaky clean is not what your skin needs.

Exfoliate regularly. To help your skin cells regenerate and turn over as they should, exfoliate every few days using a body and facial scrub or body pouf.

Pat down to dry and never rub. When you get out of the shower, it is instinct to rub away all the water droplets. Instead of doing so, pat yourself dry – and do not fear a little water left behind. Water is moisture; so, if you apply moisturizer right after your pat down, you can lock in that free moisture.

Layer your products carefully. Adding too much at one time can leave your face feeling heavy. Instead, start your regimen with a moisturizing serum. Serums have tiny molecules that your skin absorbs; therefore, it is an essential component of your winter routine. Once you have your serum on, use a light moisturizing cream to lock everything inside.

Add some oil. Oil is not a better moisturizer, but when you add it to damp skin, it helps hold in the moisture – especially if you have extra-dry skin. Use a facial oil or primer so that you do not add too much oil to your face and cause a breakout.

No fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, you will dry out faster. Therefore, avoid any products with fragrances, dyes, and other artificial, unnecessary products.

Read the ingredient label. Some ingredients are more hydrating than others, like ceramides, mineral oil, glycerin, and oatmeal.

Add more lotion than usual. In the winter, add more cream than you usually would. Sometimes getting your lotion in a tub makes it easier to scoop it up and apply the amount your skin needs for hydration.

Keep lotion on hand throughout the day. Even if you add moisturizer in the morning, do not think it will be with you the entire day. When you feel dry or itchy, apply more lotion to help relock your moisture.

Add Back the Moisture with a Winter Facial in Marietta, OH

When your skin becomes dry and flaky, come into Preston’s Beauty Academy in Marietta, Ohio for a quick facial. Our clinical services can help rejuvenate, remove dry skin, and replenish moisture.

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