How to Know It’s Time for a Career Change

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If you feel constantly frustrated with your career, it’s probably time for a change.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do if you’re unhappy with your career. Before you know it, you feel stuck, wondering if this is just the way it is. After all, few of us talk about loving our jobs and the majority of American workers are actively disengaged from their work.

So you wonder to yourself – maybe this is all there is? Maybe you just have to suck it up and keep on keeping on.

But wait. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of people who have found jobs in areas that they love and there’s no reason to think you can’t achieve – and don’t deserve – the same.

Nevertheless, making the decision to pursue a career change is frightening and can seem overwhelming. Here are some things to ask yourself if you’re having a hard time pulling the trigger.

Do you dread going to work?

If it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning because you’re dreading your workday from the moment you wake up, that’s a pretty good sign that you need a change. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’re just in a bad company and need to change the business you work for instead of your career. Regardless, recognizing – and admitting – your feelings about going to work is an important first step.

Do you fantasize about doing something you love?

If you find yourself frequently wondering about doing something else, whether it’s something specific or not, it’s important to think that through. Usually, this is a sign that you’re wishing for something more in your life and you shouldn’t ignore that impulse, even if it seems unrealistic at the time.

Each of us only has a short amount of time on this earth and it’s a shame that so many of us spend that time doing things that we don’t like. Sure, work isn’t always an enjoyable thing regardless of how great a job might seem from the outside. But if you aren’t finding meaning in what you’re doing then you’re leaving a lot of potential and opportunity for your best life on the table.

Is your career negatively impacting those around you?

Sometimes we only recognize the impact our jobs are having on our lives when we see that impact on those around us. Whether your significant other feels like you aren’t spending enough time together or you’re constantly in a bad mood in your free time because your work is taking everything out of you, it’s time to recognize that your career is affecting more people than just you.

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If you feel like it’s time for a change but aren’t sure what to do instead of your current career, you might consider a career in beauty, especially if it’s something you already love. Not only do you get to go to work to do what you already enjoy, but you will have more flexibility and freedom in your job to have a life outside of it.

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