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Lowell Ohio Beauty School

Preston’s Beauty Academy, a beauty academy licensed in Ohio and West Virginia, is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a new career. Our academy has classes for several different areas including massage therapy, esthetician, hair stylist, or any combination of these areas. Being a part of the Preston team of students will allow you to find your place and establish yourself as a professional in the beauty industry.

When attending the academy, which is only a short drive from Lowell, you will learn to master the technical skills needed to work in the field, such as nail coloring, makeup, haircutting, and styling. Along with these needed skills, you will also be taught how to manage a business, handle clients, and open your own beauty practice. The quality training you will receive will go beyond merely teaching technical skills. Our mission is to help each student succeed in careers that they are passionate about, and we would love to discuss your goals and dreams with you.

Once you earn your license through Preston’s Beauty Academy, you will be able to practice in West Virginia or Ohio. We offer licenses in both states, so be sure to apply for the license that covers the state in which you want to practice. The license covers nail services, facials, massages, and hairstyling. We can accommodate almost every need from your future clients due to the traditional and cutting-edge education we provide.

Benefits of Preston’s Beauty Academy, LLC

Affordable: Our tuition rates are much more affordable than a traditional university or college. Once completed, you will have the technical license and also the management skills, which will prepare you for your new career and be a big plus when being interviewed for a job or opening your own practice.

Career Building: If you are considering being independent after graduation, we offer a great place to build your career.

Accessible: Preston’s Beauty Academy is a short drive from almost anywhere in the Ohio Valley. No more long commutes to your current job! Join us and your career with thank you.

Loved by Clients: The relationships you build with our clients is one advantage of learning at our academy. The clients know you are learning new skills, and they enjoy the lower prices that come with that. The residents in the Mid-Ohio Valley are friendly and encouraging to our students.

New Challenges: Are you ready to take on a new challenge? You will not only be starting a new career; you will feel better about yourself while making others feel better about themselves.

Ready for a New Career?

If you are ready to start your journey to a new career, apply now for your spot at Preston’s Beauty Academy, LLC. Our goal is to help you succeed as much as possible. Our long history proves we love helping students begin towards building a successful and long career in the beauty services industry.

Preston’s Beauty Academy Serving Lowell, OH

Check out the several opportunities available for you at our academy by going to or give us a call at 740.374.5434 to start the application process. You will be encouraged by all that we have to offer. By simply calling or filling out the online contact form, you are also welcome to come and walk through the academy and see for yourself the professional, friendly atmosphere we maintain. As a full-service beauty school serving Lowell, Ohio, we are confident that you will find Preston’s Beauty Academy the perfect fit for your beauty career.