Preparing Your Skin For Fall

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The time has come to change out your wardrobe for the summer to fall transition. Not only do your clothes change at this time of the year, but also the colder temperatures and drier air do a number on sensitive skin. Add in dry heat from radiators and it is a recipe for skin disasters, like dry, itchy skin, and eczema. Your skin is always exposed to the environment, which means it is the most vulnerable organ to the changes in the environment. Here are some tips on the best way to pamper your skin to take on the seasonal climate changes.

1. Hydrating Facials

The dry, blustery weather is dehydrating to the skin. We should drink plenty of water, but sometimes we need a little extra help to hydrate the skin. Dr. Diane Berson, Cornell’s Weill Medical College Assistant Professor of Dermatology, explains, “The biggest skin woes my patients complain about as they head into fall are uneven tone and rough, flaky patches. This is usually because they spent the summer in the sun and sand.”

2. Use Sunscreen

Even though the sun isn’t shining quite as intense as in the summer months, don’t skimp on vigilant sun protection. Your natural skin tone doesn’t matter when it comes to sunscreen. “As humidity levels drop, your skin isn’t able to absorb as much moisture from the air,” explains Berson. “So, switch out your sheer sunscreens for formulas that contain moisturizing ingredients, as well as UV-blockers.”

3. Exfoliate

Do not try keeping the remaining remnants of your summer tan! Flaky skin (bronzed or the real thing) can dull the overall appearance of your skin and clog pores. Dr. Berson said, “In-office treatments, like microdermabrasion, are the most effective way to slough away dead skin cells. But washing with a motorized cleanser brush also does the trick.” Don’t forget your lips. Whatever exfoliating agent you use on your face, you can apply lightly to your lips. Follow up with a deep moisturizer to enjoy soft, plump lips in the autumn months.

4. Moisturize All Parts of Your Body

The summer sun dries out your ears, cheeks, and nose, but that is not all according to Berson. She warns, “It also affects the lips, cuticles, feet, and kneecaps.” To cover all of you for the fall skin prep, reach for cream-based lip balms and slather up every day with lotions enriched with hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin E and glycerin.

5. Acne Attack

Shifts in the season trigger stress in the body which can lead to more breakouts than usual. “Just remember to ten to all of your skin instead of zeroing in on specific blemishes,” says Berson. “If you spot treat pimples, you will always be ignoring the zit brewing right next door.” Plan a skin-care regimen that contains salicylic acid to ward off breakouts before they even start.

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