What Everyone Should Know About Beauty School

model getting makeup done | Prestons Beauty Academy

There seems to be a stigma around people who attend beauty school and beauty school in general. Let’s talk about it, instead of making passive aggressive comments, brushing it off, or being combative to those who make comments. Attending a beauty academy can set you up for future success. Those individuals who are outgoing, passionate, and dedicated who dream of creating their future and happiness, beauty school is the perfect place for you.

We understand that a roadblock many aspiring beauty professionals face is the push back they receive from their friends and family about their career choice. Let’s discuss what every beauty school student wishes everyone knew about their education and chosen profession.

You Are A Difference Maker

How do you feel when you receive a relaxing facial, a beautiful makeup application, or an amazing haircut? Do you feel like a brand-new person? Does it feel exciting and refreshing? Imagine being the one who makes people feel this way? That’s what an esthetician or cosmetologist feels like. It is one of the most rewarding feelings as a beauty pro; seeing the difference you genuinely make for each and every client.

Many medical professionals change to a beauty career. They want to continue being difference makers in the lives of people without the stressful environment.

You not only make a difference for individuals; you have the opportunity to make global changes. The Aveda network has a program teaching community around the world how to inspire their local economies. One beauty academy student has been a difference maker by teaching women in Nigeria the cosmetology trade, so they have opportunities to learn and provide for their families. Did you realize the beauty sector made such differences on this massive scale?

Movers and Shakers are Rewarded

When a student is rewarded for their innovation, bright mind, and forward-thinking, their family beams with pride. The tech field isn’t the only industry that rewards people who are one step ahead of the curve. The beauty industry also rewards people who are ready to make a change, take a chance, and be different.

Ombre, balayage, and unicorn hair are a few examples of trends in the industry that have taken the world by storm. Who pioneered these exciting trends? The professionals behind these styles work in the sector every day. They push themselves to do some creative and that has never been seen before with people sitting in their salon chair.

What other industry lets you be crazy creative and innovative and not have boundaries?

College Isn’t Always the Right Fit

College is not the answer for everyone. People who struggle with traditional learning styles are not going to be happy in college. College requires organization and note-taking skills which is harder than in high school.

It has nothing to do with how smart a person is. It is about the way they thrive, learn, and become better at their skill. At Preston’s Beauty Academy, we believe in creating a fun and safe learning environment that excites you, challenges you, and most of all, helps you become the best you can personally be.

Consider a Beauty Program at Preston’s Beauty Academy

If you are looking for a career start or change, consider a beauty career. You can be a difference maker and love what you are doing.

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