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Do you have a passion for style and beauty? Are you interested in coloring and cutting hair, doing nails, or skincare? Do you dream of owning your own spa or salon someday? Whatever your goals, to begin your career as a beauty professional, you will need to pass an exam and become licensed by the state of West Virginia.

Preston’s Beauty Academy is licensed in West Virginia and Ohio and is the place to go if you are considering a new career. We offer training in several areas, which include hairstyling, becoming an esthetician, massage therapy, and a combination of all areas. When you become a part of the Preston team, you will find your place and become established as a professional in the competitive beauty industry.

The Academy is located in Marietta, only a short drive from Wheelersburg. When you become a student, you will be taught to master the technical skills required to be a leader in the field. Nail coloring, haircutting, styling, and makeup are only a few of the skills you will be taught. Along with these, you will learn how to manage a business, open your own practice, and handle clients. Our quality training will go beyond simply teaching technical skills. We have a goal to help every single student succeed in the career they are passionate about.

Once receiving a license through Preston’s Beauty Academy, you will have the luxury of practicing in West Virginia or Ohio. The Academy offers licenses in both states, so be sure to apply for the license for the state in which you are planning to practice. The license will cover facials, massages, nail services, and hairstyling. We accommodate most needs your future clients will ask for, due to the cutting-edge, yet traditional education we offer.

Why Choose A Career in Beauty?


Continual Growth

The beauty industry always offers room for growth. Maxing out your potential isn’t going to happen due to the ever-changing industry. You have the option of learning the latest trends, new techniques and continue moving upward. You can choose to work from home with your own business or work for a premier salon. The possibilities are endless.


Customers, requests, and work environment never provide a dull moment when choosing a beauty career. When you work in the beauty, cosmetics, and health industries, variety is vital. You will never be tired of your job.

Rewarding Relationships

Brand loyalty is the key to thriving in the field. When working in the beauty industry, client relationships bring security to keeping a steady business. It takes time to establish relationships and loyalty, but it is well worth the effort. These relationships not only benefit your business, but they are also personally rewarding, and you will have friendships that last a lifetime.


Benefits of Attending Preston’s Beauty Academy


  • Our unique training method combines in-class and hands-on training. You will be confident you are being armed with the skills you need for your dream career.
  • You will receive career experience before graduation with our instructor-supervised clinical hours.
  • Graduates will be completely prepared to pass their West Virginia and Ohio board examinations.


Beauty Academy Serving Wheeling, WV

If you are ready to make the leap to a new career, apply at Preston’s Beauty Academy, LLC. We have hundreds of students like yourself who have taken advantage of the education received at the Academy and have gone on to have rewarding, successful careers.

Contact us to get your application started or inquire online about our many opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.