Williamstown, WV Beauty Academy

Preston’s Beauty Academy is the school to attend if you are considering a new career path. Knowing where to begin can be challenging, which is why our academy is the perfect place to start to get your career moving in the right direction. Preston’s offers classes in many areas including esthetician, massage therapy, hair stylist, or a combination of the services.

The academy, only a short drive from Williamstown, will teach you to master the technical skills you need to work in the beauty industry. You will learn how to manage a business, remain on track, and work with clients. This quality training will reach far beyond the basics of technical skills. We have a mission to help every student succeed in the thriving careers they are passionate about, and we would love to sit down and talk about your dreams and goals.

Preston’s Beauty Academy offers licenses in both West Virginia and Ohio. Be sure and apply for the license that will cover the state in which you will be practicing. Based on your training and completion of the program, the license includes facials, massages, nail services, and hairstyling. Due to the traditional and cutting-edge services we provide, we can accommodate most every need your future clients will desire.

Benefits of Attending Preston’s Beauty Academy


Career Building

We offer a place to build your career if you are considering being independent after graduating.


The tuition rates are much more affordable than a traditional college or university.

Two License Opportunities

You will receive two licenses, the technical license and certification in management skills. These will prepare you for your new career and will be a bonus when being interviewed for a possible job opportunity.


It is a short drive to Preston’s Beauty Academy from most locations in the Mid-Ohio Valley, including Williamstown, WV.

New Challenges

Not only will you be starting a new career; you will have more self-confidence while making others feel better about themselves.

Loved by Clients

You will build relationships with clients, which is one advantage of our academy. Your clients realize you are learning, and they like the lower prices they receive because of that.

Your future is now

Our excellent facility is a place where you will enjoy the beauty of the academy along with our grand hospitality. We are the definition of a distinctive, well-balanced education, and every day we strive to provide a culture of growth for our students.

You will receive instruction on the accurate and precise ways of business, as we deal with issues such as the finance side of the business, handling clients, and establishing and pursuing your dreams and goals. Not only will you be educated on how to deal with clients, but with people in general while cultivating a professional attitude.

We are continually exploring the field of cosmetology so you will receive the best possible education. Our instructors have years of experience and will give you top-quality training. Our products are high-quality and modern.

Beauty Academy in Williamstown, WV and Ohio  

At Preston’s Beauty Academy, we believe in taking the high road, and we strive to be the best beauty academy. We offer excellent training, not only in technical skills but life skills, which will benefit you in starting a new career.

You can be a difference maker and enjoy what you are doing. To learn more about the academy and the offered programs, contact us by calling 740-374-5434 or emailing us at prestonsbeautyacademy.ll@gmail.com or through our contact form. We look forward to meeting you!